What Are The Chances Of Getting A Canada Study Visa

What Are The Chances Of Getting A Canada Study Visa

With the profusion of renowned universities and plenty of prospects, Canada manages to attract mountains of international students wanting to flourish their educational lane. Canada is the third-leading educational destination for international students with confounding 642, 000 foreign students. So, if you have any doubt pertaining to your admission to the fruitful land of Canada, drop all your confusions as Canada welcomes mounts of international students every year. Many hopes get accomplished in Canada as this country proffers not only its hospitality but also many opportunities to grow academically. Getting in this country only requires a perfectly written SOP for Canada Study Visa. If you want to write your visa sop by yourself, then here is a guide for you. Below are some points which you need to look upon before starting your writing process:

Establish a connection between your previous educational qualifications with your chosen course

Make sure to connect your applied course with your previous academic qualification. Committee will check why have you chosen the particular course and the reasons must seem to be genuine to them. If you fail to build a connection between your chosen course and previous qualification, the chances of rejection might get higher.

Write a concrete inspiration for choosing the course

One of the most important things in the Visa Sop is the motivation of choosing the course. You need to state a strong reason for choosing that particular course. It would be better if you try to put your motivation in the form of any instance that you have encountered in the past. A relevant story would surely convince the visa officers.

Write relevant reasons for choosing Canada and not your own country

As there are many universities and colleges in your native country as well, then, you need to provide reasons why you chose Canada. You need to highlight the country’s offerings and a solid reason for choosing Canada over your native country. To save yourself from a lot of clutter, you can browse the list of SOP Writing Services.

Mention why you have chosen the particular school

Among all the elite universities, why you have chosen the particular university remains one of the most asked questions by the committee and thus, you need to provide a strong reason for that. You need to answer what prompted you to study at that university. In order to elaborate on the features and in-built facilities, you must conduct thorough research on the university and write down the silver lining of the university. You can write the ranking of the university or mention about research prospects and faculty of the university.

Powerful lines on your financial details

Here comes the most important aspect of Visa SOP. Visa officers would like to know about financial adequacy as to how you are going to support your education or living expenses in Canada. Henceforth, you must provide your financial details to the committee and make a point in your sop that you are well off enough to cover your own expenses in Canada.

Assure the visa officer that you have strong family ties to return to

Family ties are also the most critical aspect of Visa SOP. In order to assure visa officers that you are not planning to return to your native country after the completion of the program, you must put up your family ties strongly. To avoid risk, take assistance from one of the Best SOP Writing Services.


So, afore-stated are the pointers that need to be in your visa SOP if you want to elevate your chances of getting your visa approved. Also, you need to connect with one of the best SOP Writing Services in Delhi to avoid the risk.

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