Letter of Intent

If your University has asked you to provide them with a Letter of Intent and you are searching for the best letter of intent writing services, then you have landed at the right place.


What is a Letter of Intent?

Letter of intent is similar to a cover letter which is basically written to demonstrate the qualifications and strengths of the candidate during the process of admission into a University.


Importance of Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent allows the authorities of the University to understand your intent for pursuing a specific study program, information about your previous educational life and what are your future aspirations. It facilitates the University to believe that you are the best candidate for the admission in the Institution. All in all, a letter of intent helps to give a push to the overall admission procedure.

The length of the Letter of Intent should not exceed a page. In addition, the format and tone of the Letter should be such which makes it easy for the University to determine that you are a suitable candidate for the admission in their organization.


Why choose us?

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