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SopHelp Revision And Refund Policy


For a full awareness of the SOP HELP services, it is prudent to study the instructions on this page carefully.


We provide a customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchases. This means that if you are not entirely pleased with the document delivered, we will be happy to make the necessary changes free of charge. This only includes additions or alterations within the initial scope of editing requested by the customer. 

To achieve optimum client approval, we have carefully developed a revision policy that is always subject to amendment. The terms of this policy can be seen below.

Should the work completed not satisfy the customer’s standards, they can ask us to modify it with no added price, and we offer two revisions within two weeks after delivery. Conditions related to this will be spelled out in greater detail afterwards.

A customer can indicate a modification in the output they attained by taking one of two ways.

  1. Customers requiring an amended document can contact SOP HELP to explain the changes. Upon receipt of the request, the responsible writer will provide a revised version of the document without initiating an official evaluation process.
  2. The second approach allows for comments directly on the document. Clients can provide feedback regarding which portions require revision.

In order to ensure that the customer is satisfied, it is imperative that a revised version of the document be provided to the individual within a day. Subsequent edits will be made available within 48 hours after that. Should the scope of editing exceed two revisions, it will be counted as a separate order, and a new fee will be applied. Of course, these timelines can shift depending on the amount to revise and the severity of alterations. Should the changes be outside the parameters established by the customer, an additional charge may need to be paid. In every instance, full payment must occur before proceeding with the purchase.

Kindly provide us with unambiguous guidelines to expedite the ordering process for both our organizations and maximize efficiency. Doing so will avoid any misinterpretations or confusion on either side.


If you cancel an order, its refund policy is contingent on specific criteria. Notification of termination must be provided before the allotted 48-hour window before delivery for the cancellation and reimbursement plan to be valid.

  1. Should you cancel your request after the task has been allotted to a scribe, you shall be eligible for partial reimbursement of 40%.
  2. If no writer has been allocated to your request, and you request a cancellation, then you can qualify to get a reimbursement of 90%.
  3. Requests with expedited timing (urgent) are non-refundable and cannot be combined with other offerings.
  4. If you mistakenly placed your order and contacted us to cancel it within two hours of purchase, you can receive a full refund.

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