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Letter of Explanation (LOE) for Canada Study Visa

Thousands of students decide to continue their higher education in Canada every year. Having been a technologically-advanced nation, Canada is mainly chosen by aspirants from around the world. Specifically, Canada is the third most selected study destination in the world. It is evident that with such a huge demand to study, Canadian institutes see many candidates applying to their institutes. When a few candidates get selected, they are required to get a Study Visa for Canada, allowing them to study in the country. While applying for a Visa, some students get lucky and receive a Study Visa on the first attempt. However, some students are not that fortunate, as they receive a refusal letter against their previous application. In such a case, instead of feeling lost, all you need to do is to prepare a Letter of Explanation for Refusal.

What is a Letter of Explanation?

A Letter of Explanation is a document created after a candidate’s previous visa application gets refused for a certain reason. Reasons could vary from one application to another depending on what the application lacked at that point in time. However, no matter what the reason for refusal is, you can begin creating your Letter of Explanation for Canada Study Permit after refusal. This LOE is the path to convince the visa authorities that you are a trustworthy candidate with the genuine purpose of visiting Canada.

You can explain how the previous visa application that you applied for missed out on some key points that could have been the reason for the refusal. If you succeed in explaining your reasons for refusal, then your LOE Canada Visa after refusal will definitely get approved by the visa authorities and as a result, you will get a Study Visa for Canada. It is worth noting that the Letter of Explanation is also known as a Statement of Purpose (SOP) in other words. The only added thing in the Letter of Explanation is the justifications that you give for the refusal grounds that you received after the visa officers rejected your prior visa application.

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    Importance of a Letter of Explanation for Canada Student Visa

    A Letter of Explanation holds the power to get you a Study Visa even if your previously applied SOP was refused. There could be many reasons why your SOP was refused in the first place. It might have missed out on topics like financial competency, ties to home country, academic and professional credentials, and many more. No matter what led you to skip such details in the SOP for Canada Visa, if the Visa committee does not find information on the same, they will not think twice before refusing the visa application.

    If you get a visa refusal, instead of crying over the fact that you did not get a Study Visa, you should pick yourself up and focus on creating an excellent justification letter. This very letter of justification is known as a Letter of Explanation for Canada Study Permit. This LOE must include all the justifications for the refusal ground in the best manner possible so that there is no way the visa committee rejects your application once again. With the help of the LOE, you should make it a must to put forth every reason why you are a genuine candidate and worthy enough to get a Visa for higher studies in Canada.

    Why hire professional SOP writers?

    Taking the help of professional SOP writers for Student Visa is the best decision one can make as it helps them to get a personalized SOP or Letter of Explanation for that matter. The expert writers have all the knowledge under their belt regarding how to perfectly draft an LOE when a client gets a refusal. The grounds on which a visa application gets refused depends on the inability of the SOP to prove that the candidate is worthy of a Visa.

    Before proceeding with an LOE for Canada Student Visa refusal, one must first understand that the reasons for refusal vary from inadequate financial proof and missing mark sheets to improper explanation of why studying in the chosen country and lack of information on ties to the home country. All these points must be detailed in the SOP, or else the SOP will get refused without any second thought. In such a situation, professional writers come to help as they are very well aware of the strategies for writing a Letter of Explanation after getting a visa refusal.

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    How can we help create LOE for Canada Visa?

    We are recognized as the promising SOP writing service provider as we have successfully delivered many SOPs, including LOE, that the visa committee has approved at the first go. We encompass a set of writers who hold several years of professional experience in creating SOPs that represent the overall characteristics of a client. Our motive is to ensure that our clients are left fully satisfied with our optimum service.

    When writing an SOP for Canada Study Visa after refusal, our writers carefully go through the refusal reasons provided by the visa committee and accordingly try to give justification in the LOE. They go to the depths while explaining the refusal reason so that there is no excuse left for the visa officer to refuse the application again. Our pro writers will not stop until they are satisfied with their written work. Catering to the client’s needs is what we strive for, and our writers, being our pillars of strength, ensure every client gets approval against their respective Letter of Explanation after refusal.

    Professional assistance

    We have writers and counselors with ample amount of experience in the SOP industry, and they are always available to help you with your queries. Their years of knowledge will help you clear all your doubts instantly.

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    Our premium SOP writing service is offered at highly affordable rates so that the students do not face many hurdles in their visa process and can easily pay for such an effective service of getting an SOP for Canada after refusal.

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    We do not take much time to deliver the SOP or LOE to our beloved clients as our work is quick yet of topmost quality. We make sure to deliver the document within two to four days from the date of the task assigned.

    Free editing

    The documents that we serve might need a couple of edits if the client feels like it. In such a situation, we offer editing opportunities not just once but twice on SOP or LOE for Canada, and that too for absolutely free.

    Why choose our Letter of Explanation - LOE writing service?

    SOP Help is amongst the most popular SOP writing service providers and deals with clients from all over the world. We possess a highly-trained team of writers that is equipped with all the skills needed to handle client queries and write an SOP that calls for immediate approval. Our writers are extremely proficient in dealing with refusal cases as well by preparing SOP for Canada Visa refusal.

    In the refusal cases, the writers that we have, focus exhaustively on explaining the grounds on which the former visa application of a candidate got refused. Before our expert writers begin working on a client’s SOP or LOE, our dedicated counselor asks the client to share some details about themselves by filling out a generic questionnaire. At the same time, our counselor provides the client with a Sample LOE for Canada Student Visa so that the client can have an idea regarding how their SOP might look. Once the client is satisfied with the sample, the writer then proceeds with the writing process and within two to four days, they deliver the SOP of the finest quality. Our overall service is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the clients, thus ensuring that every client gets a satisfactory result from our service.

    In-depth proofreading

    The proofreading session performed by our writers after the completion of the Letter of Explanation for Study Permit is quite exhaustive. They repeatedly proofread until there were no more errors to be found.

    Professional writing

    The SOP or LOE written by our writers is excessively professional in all manners, as our writers have many years of training in writing an SOP for all purposes. They know what information must be included to get visa approval.

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    Instead of worrying about writing your Letter of Explanation Canada Study Permit on your own, you can easily hire our professional services, as we will take all your worries on our shoulders and provide you with a unique LOE.

    Adhere to instructions

    If any kind of instruction is given which needs to be followed, then we make sure to follow the same. Then, revolving around those given guidelines, our writers create the Letter of Explanation for Canada Study Permit after refusal.

    Fast delivery

    We provide an overall fast delivery experience for all our services. While writing an SOP or LOE, we make it a must to take our time but also deliver the product on the designated date of delivery without hampering the quality.

    Urgent requirement prioritized

    For us, every client is important; however, when urgent cases come in, we prioritize them. In urgency, many students seek 1-day delivery, which we provide as our writers are capable enough to provide the SOP in 24 hours.

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    Letter of Explanation Sample for Canada Visa

    Our services are highly organized and professional in every aspect. Though we do provide SOPs or LOEs that are carefully written by our expert writers, we also believe in letting the client know in advance how we are going to prepare their document. Hence, we unhesitatingly share our samples with the clients so that they can have a notion of what all their SOP or LOE will include.

    A Sample SOP for Canada refusal or any other country can be easily received from us in case a client who has gotten a refusal against their visa application is searching for one. You can just go through the sample from start to finish and check if the format or style of the given sample suits your needs. If yes, you can ask our counselor and writer to create your SOP in the same manner as the sample. With the help of a Letter of Explanation Sample for Visa, you can expect your document to be drafted exactly how you would like it to be.

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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    You can write an LOE after getting a Visa refusal by understanding the core reasons why your application got refused in the first place. Then, you must ensure to include all the missing points this time in the LOE so that you justify your refusal very well. However, hiring professional SOP writers is highly recommended as they know how to create an excellent LOE after refusal.

    It is easy to hire the LOE for Canada services of SOP Help as we have kept it easy for our clients to reach out to us. You can contact us via the official website of SOP Help, where you can get in touch with us through direct call, WhatsApp, or mail. Our committed counselor will handle all your queries properly and provide you with solutions accordingly.

    At SOP Help, we ensure that we provide all our services, including LOE for Canada Visa, at low prices compared to many other SOP writing service providers. We strive to help clients have an amazing experience with us, which means our main motive is to provide first-class quality service to our clients rather than extracting loads of money unnecessarily.

    Yes! You can quickly get a sample Letter of Explanation for Canada as we believe in first providing our clients with sample documents of every type of SOP, be it a College SOP, Visa SOP, or Letter of Explanation. Then, when our clients are satisfied with the samples and want us to provide them with a document written in a similar style, our professional writers provide them with the same.

    You do not have to wait very long to get your respective Letter of Explanation for Canada Study Permit. We are dedicated to offering all the writing services in two to four business days only. However, when an urgent requirement comes in that requires one-day delivery, our writers provide the same within 24 hours while keeping the quality of the document completely intact.

    You do not have to worry much regarding the authenticity of our service, as we have been a leading player in the SOP writing industry for over a decade now. Be it a Letter of Explanation for Canada Study Permit after refusal or any other SOP service, we provide excellent services on all fronts. Our excellency can be verified by Google Reviews or samples that have already been approved.

    Yes! If you choose an expert SOP writer for your Letter of Explanation after receiving a refusal against your former visa application, then you have made the right choice. Our proficient writers have all the knowledge and skills to draft a unique LOE that justifies the refusal grounds very well and is engaging enough to get approved this time around without much stress.