Statement of Purpose for PhD in Psychology

A PhD in Psychology is the highest educational degree in the field of psychology that a student can achieve. The program exhibits a wide array of research and practice areas in the arena of mental health, in the form of social work, education, therapy and counseling. Candidates looking to achieve that level of academic excellence need to apply for a PhD program in a university of their choice. But the selection procedure is not that easy. The selection committee demands a Statement of Purpose to judge whether a candidate can pursue a PhD or not. An SOP for PhD in Psychology is a must for every candidate to submit, as it is a part of the selection procedure.

Statement of Purpose

An SOP is a personal statement about a candidate that encompasses all the details regarding his educational qualifications and his professional background. It is a document that gives an insight to the committee about the past experiences about the candidate, his reason for opting for a PhD in the stated field, and his future career prospects.


A PhD in Psychology statement of purpose is required by the committee to have a glimpse of the educational and professional experiences of the candidate concerned. But that document cannot be written by everyone. It requires a certain tone and a professional touch to it, to tell the committee how much the program means to the candidate.

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