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How to write a stellar SOP without any mistakes?

SOP stands for statement of purpose, a document that is submitted to the professors of the University to which you have applied for. This document is mandatory and comes along with some guidelines the student must follow while he drafts his SOP. Every University gives different guidelines depending on the course you have chosen. Your SOP must justify the intentions you have for moving abroad. Some students write an accurate SOP, whereas some students make mistakes that put their college application at risk. In that case, SOP writing services can be opted for, and you can get the help you need. By the end of this blog, you will learn about some common mistakes that students make. Mentioned below are some of the errors you might want to avoid:

Improper introduction 

The top mistake made by the students is giving an improper introduction. Students who need to learn more about writing tend to make this mistake. It is essential to understand that the introduction of SOP is the base of the document. The reader will judge you based on what kind of person you are. So make sure you give a formal introduction in the first few words of the essay. 

Writing about childhood 

If you are writing too much about your childhood dreaming, avoid that. There is no need to write anything related to your childhood. Such information will need to be more accurate in the point of your writing. Your SOP should be about your goals and intentions after moving abroad. Focus on writing about your motivation for studying further and what all you know about the University. 

Not giving time to SOP 

You will mess up if you are writing your SOP at the last minute and in a hurry. SOP is a letter of intent that takes at least 5-6 days to be completed. Proper research, dedication, and information are required to draft an SOP. Remember that professional SOP writers are available even if you have yet to write your SOP till the last minute. They can help you do the job within a day or two. 

Not fulfilling the word limit

The University gives specific guidelines for writing an SOP. These guidelines vary from course to course. You must follow these rules and fulfil the word limit of your document. Following the guidelines depicts that you are a responsible person who can stick to the orders given by professors. 

Informal tone 

If you have written your SOP in a friendly or informal tone, you have made the biggest mistake. One must always write this essay in a formal tone. You are not writing a letter to a friend. The authorities of the college are going to read this document. Therefore, keep your style polite and highly formal. 

Submitting SOP without proofreading 

If you are thinking of submitting your document without proofreading, don’t do that. You must recheck what you have written in your SOP. Make the required changes and then submit the final document. If you have time, get your SOP reviewed by your teacher or friend. This will help you get feedback. 

Irrelevant information 

You are in trouble if you haven’t researched your University or course. While you write an SOP, you need to mention some details about the system and University. If you note any false information or the readers feel like you lack in research, your application might get rejected. So do your research and then write anything. Avoid giving any false information in your SOP. 


The pointers mentioned above will come in handy to you while writing your SOP. If you have second thoughts about writing it on your own, search for “top SOP writing services in India“. Google will send you to our website; you can contact us. We have the best team of professional writers who will do the job for you. It is better to ask for professional help rather than fill the SOP with mistakes. It is better to write an SOP by taking professional assistance. You can view our website to get some more information.

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