Some Necessary DO’s Don’ts of Crafting an SOP

Some Necessary DO’s & Don’ts of Crafting an SOP

Your statement of purpose provides you with the opportunity to explain yourself in front of admission officials and distinguish yourself from other applicants with a similar academic qualification. A well-crafted statement of purpose will give the bounce to your candidature and keep your point in favour of your application. Open with a summary of your introduction, then describe your background, and academic qualification and the reason you became interested in the subject you are applying for. Make sure to tell the admission committee what would be your contribution to the university.

By seeing the worth it carries in the university abroad, the majority of the students seek assistance from one of the best SOP Writing Companies in Delhi. While professionals help support you in getting the quality paper, some students are also there who do not want to write on their own. Here, we have provided some Do’s and Don’ts which will help you to draft an impressive SOP, take a look at:

Do’s and Don’ts 


 Make sure to start early so that you have enough time to analyze the language you used in your copy

  1. Be honest in your statement of purpose, do try to put anything that looks overdone.
  2. Take the opportunity to explain everything from your side.
  3. Give enough time for proof-read sessions.
  4. Let your personality come through your statement of purpose and also give insights on your hopes, goals, career aspirations, motivation, and dedication.
  5. Be interesting and unique and talk about the challenge you have faced in your life.
  6. Make sure to add some necessary details like who influenced you for the subject, and the instance which raised your interest in the subject.
  7. Try to write a powerful introductory paragraph and end with an attractive conclusion.


  1. Don’t overlook the importance of the essay.
  2. Don’t add unnecessary details, keep your statement of purpose smooth.
  3. Don’t mention your interest in one particular school, try to make your statement of purpose generic.
  4. Don’t include the list of activities you have done so far, the statement of purpose should not go out of focus.
  5. Don’t try to use informal language or overused slangs, or phrase as it can make your statement of purpose sound repetitive.
  6. Do not try to exceed the word limit of your statement of purpose.
  7. Do not try to make up things or exaggerating your achievements.
  8. Do not leave any scope of spelling mistakes, or improper grammar in your statement of purpose.

In Conclusion 

So, aforesaid are the Dos and Don’ts of crafting a statement of purpose, which you need to incorporate in your writing process. If you don’t want to take any sort of risk in your statement of purpose, do not hesitate to seek professional help. For doing that, make sure to research about the expertise of the writer before hiring them, be it Statement of Purpose Writing Services in Hyderabad or Delhi. Determining the worth of statement of purpose is the first step of getting a quality one, so do your bit and make the note of aforesaid pointers.

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