Questions to Ask yourself while Writing a Statement of Purpose

Questions to ask yourself while Writing a Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose is one of the most important applications that is required by the University in the course of admission. It is not a cup of cake to write an SOP on your own as it requires immense perfection and accuracy to be able to come out as a perfect essay that impresses the University officials at once. In order to get instant approval, many students take the help of the best SOP writing companies in Mumbai so that their SOP gets a thumbs up by the authorities of their respective Universities.

However, if you are not one of those students who are interested in taking the help of a professional writer, then without further ado, write your SOP on your own. But, do make sure to ask yourself few questions before you begin to write your SOP as these questions will help you to write down your SOP in the most perfect manner possible which is tailored to your personality only.

Hence, leave everything aside, and take a glance at the following questions that you must ask yourself before you commence writing the SOP by yourself.

  1. What exactly has inspired me to choose this very study program?

This is one of the most important and kind of an introductory paragraph that needs to be answered at any cost. Herein, you have to tell about the inspiring moment or individual that has led you to choose your desired field of study. The inspiration can vary from a person to a thing or an incident, to be precise. There must be a moment that you went through which ignited the fire in you to delve into the subject that you have now chosen as your higher study program. Therefore, you must state your inspiration in a proper manner so that the admission committee understands your point of view for opting for such an area of study.

  1. How academic and professional exposure has benefited me?

The next thing in line that you must question yourself is how your thus far scholastic and professional experience has benefited you or made you a better candidate than the others. What kind of skills you possess or have acquired from the academic and professional tenure that strengthens your candidature to the maximum? This is another important thing you must mention in your SOP to get an upper hand over the others.

  1. Why I have chosen the specific program, university, and country?

Now comes the most noteworthy point to keep in mind. You must make it a must to mention your reason behind choosing this particular study program, university, and country. Make it crystal clear how you think this program will help in taking your career in great heights, how the university will help you with your studies and how this country will be great for you to study in. In addition to that, do not forget to mention why you should be considered the best candidate by the admission committee or what peculiarities you possess to be chosen by the University.


These above points are the topmost questions you must ask yourself before starting your SOP writing. In case, you find yourself in any kind of problem in the midst of the SOP writing process, do not hesitate to take the help of the top SOP writing services Delhi.

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