How do I start a letter of explanation for my Canadian study permit?

How do I start a letter of explanation for my Canadian study permit?

Every year, many students apply to Canada’s prestigious universities. Unfortunately, the authorities will reject most of them due to a lack of prerequisites. One of the most prevalent causes for an application refusal is a poor presentation of the Statement of Purpose. However, the authorities give rejected candidates a second shot by allowing them to reapply to universities. A letter of explanation after refusal is submitted during this process following the rejection. If you’re wondering what a Letter of Explanation is, it’s a formal document that outlines your genuine reason(s) for wanting to study in Canada.

After the authorities have denied your initial visa application, you will receive this letter. It also addresses any anomalies in your application for a student visa. So don’t be concerned if you’re getting confused. To gain admission to Canadian colleges, you must fulfill several requirements, one of which is delivering a Letter of explanation Canada study permit after refusal. This paper has the power to determine whether or not you will attend your dream college. If you’re still bewildered and don’t know how to write the perfect letter of explanation, we’ve got your back. Continue reading this article to learn how to draft this document properly.

Mentioning Your Background

The primary step to take while drafting your statement of purpose is mentioning your background. This is extremely important and beneficial for your application. The authorities are keen to know more about you, and your background can provide them with the information they wish to acquire. Ensure that you mention the relevant information in your SOP for Canada study visa after refusal. Making your application lengthy and exhausting won’t do any good.

Reasons Behind Choosing The Course

If you are applying for a Canadian university, there must be several reasons behind this decision. You must mention your legitimate reasons for choosing the particular course and the university. This not shows your level of research but also depicts your seriousness and dedication to your studies. So, the next time you start drafting your Sop for Canada Visa, research in-depth. 

Financial Status

According to surveys, there is an indefinite number of immigrants living in Canada. Most of them are there illegally. Thus, the visa authorities are very cautious and alert to screening the applicant’s financial condition to tackle this problem. These officers need to make sure whether you will be able to sustain in the country or not. So, if you are planning to write your application, make sure to mention all such essential financial details.

Why Did You Choose Canada?

This might seem like a naive topic to you. However, it is being said that the authorities prioritize this question the most in any application. Your choice for moving to Canada should have a definite purpose. It is only then that the authorities believe that you will not do any mischievous activities during your stay. Try to give a detailed description of your decision to move to Canada for your higher education. 


After mentioning all the necessary points, don’t forget to include the concluding paragraph. As the authorities have to go through many applications, they don’t remember the entire application. Thus, your conclusion can act as the deciding factor. Try to sum up the whole story in this paragraph. You can even leave a final essential point that you think can help you increase your chances. 

These were some of the critical aspects that you must keep in mind while starting your Letter of explanation after a visa refusal. Hope it helps you the next time you are preparing for Canada. 

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