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LOE Sample for Canada Visa After Refusal – International Business Management

Millions of ambitious people apply for Canada visas to materialize their desire for higher education. As one of the most sought-after education hubs, the country receives thousands of SOP for various courses. After receiving approval on college admission SOP, every aspirer applies for a study visa. The SOP for International Business Management in Canada is among the most demanded courses in the country. However, the total number of applicants approved for admission does not parallel the total number of applicants approved for a study visa.

Several aspirants have to face a refusal, which is heart-breaking but certainly not the end of the world. Perhaps every international student knows that visa approval is a reality in the application process. However, it does not turn the world upside down. Keeping a practical approach is advisable if you have also gone through such an experience. If you still want to chase your dreams and apply for a visa again, a letter of explanation after refusal is the most practical solution. It is also known as a refusal statement of purpose or refusal SOP. Here, in this blog, you will gain insight into the technicalities of preparing a letter of explanation.

Make a confident introduction

Refusal can be annoying but do not let it suck your confidence. Introduce yourself properly in the SOP for Canada Visa and mention all the necessary particulars of your academic and professional background. Include the following points in the introduction. It is essential to have a convincing start to the SOP letter. Refusal SOP can be your last precious chance to try luck for a desired course in a desired country.

  1. Always start the introduction of your refusal SOP for International Business Management with your name.
  2. Firstly, mention the purpose of writing the letter of explanation. For example – you are writing in response to a study visa refusal.
  3. Mention the name of the institute you applied for and why you chose to study at the university or college.
  4. Start explaining a little about your academic background. It helps to connect with your currency choice and desire to study in Canada.
  5. Clearly mention the refusal of your study visa accompanied by the cause of refusal that the Canadian embassy mentioned to you.
  6. Aren’t you confident about writing a great introduction? Refer to a Sample LOE for Canada Student Visa available on professional websites that provide SOPhelp writing.

Start explaining with the academic and professional background

Once you have introduced yourself and have mentioned the reason for refusal, it is time for justification. In this LOE part, you must explain things very carefully. All justifications should help to prove your requirement to join the university and the course you applied for. If you have applied for Visa SOP for IBM in Canada, relate justifications with the significance of the institute in your career.

  1. This part of the letter of explanation will talk about your academic records in brief, but not as brief as you mentioned in the introduction.
  2. A description of professional experience is also required, and correlate it with your inspiration to pursue the course.
  3. You need to explain why your career will be incomplete without attaining the necessary insight through the course in Canada.
  4. Also, give ample reasons to choose Canada as the most preferred country for further studies. Never mention that the country was not your first choice.
  5. It is also advisable to mention the effect of the refusal on your future goals. It will help prove your Letter of Explanation (LOE) for Canada significant and get acceptance.


Sound financially well-equipped

When it comes to studying visas, financial efficiency is an essential factor. No country wants to see a liability in an international student. This section should provide a complete insight into the total income in your family. Anything that can be counted as your asset or income should be included in this section.

  1. If you are doing a job, mention your annual income and explain how it will contribute to your total cost of studying abroad.
  2. While explaining the financial backup, it is vital to mention the institute and course name again. You will always see the institute’s name if you read any Sample Visa SOP for IBM in Canada After Refusal.
  3. Tell about the income of the head of the family, usually the father. Inform his job or business type and the total income.
  4. If your mother is earning, it is vital to mention her income because it will help you more to authenticate your financial efficiency.
  5. The tax-related information should also be included while listing the documents attached with the refusal SOP.
  6. Also, do not forget to mention all movable and immovable assets with their value in your currency. A perfectly written SOP for Canada after refusal accurately portrays the applicant’s personal, financial and academic background.


Explain cautiously about family ties

Imagine you have explained everything quite impressively about your financial status. But if you have missed convincing the visa officers about sound family ties. The majority of study visa applicants have financial backing from their families. It is why caution is necessary when you talk about your family relationships.

  1. Firstly, explain about your own family, including your parents, siblings, and spouse, if you are married. Do not hide anything on this part.
  2. Family ties do not need to include any explanation about the relatives and known because the visa offers have less to do with that.
  3. You need to tell about the profession and role of the close family members. For example – if your mother is working or a homemaker, mention it. Your brother, sister, and father include all the close members.
  4. Remember, the universities may have nothing to do with your family ties, but the visa offers have much to do with that. For example – if you are writing for Visa SOP for IBM in Canada after Refusal, the college will never ask for your family details. But you have to convince the visa officers.


Dedicate reasons for choosing the educational institute and country

A refusal SOP is much more crucial than a study visa SOP for the first attempt. It is essential to describe everything that made you choose a university or college in Canada. The letter of explanation looks convincing only if it has all the relevant information. Why not read any Sample SOP for Canada refusal? Don’t forget that the immigration officer also knows that you were refused last time; they will read your reasons for choosing an institute for further studies.

  1. Your reasons for preferring the country should be clear, and it is best if you can present some apparent facts. Canada is already a popular spot for education, so you will have plenty of reasons to establish your point.
  2. Give a hint through your facts that you have studied well about the institute. Never make them feel that the university/college was your last choice in case of no option. If you want to avoid mistakes, look at SOP Samples for IBM in Canada After Refusal. That will give you an insight.
  3. It will be great if you could point out some statistical data on the popularity of the university and its significance in global education. It makes the candidate feel serious about refusing a study visa.


LETTER OF EXPLANATION (LOE) Sample for Canada Study Visa International Business Management

The High Commission of Canada,
Subject: Request to reconsider my Study Visa application for Canada
Dear High Commissioner,

I, {Name}, am extremely grateful to have received another opportunity to put my overall persona on display for your kind assessment. I am writing this in response to the refusal letter that I received against my previous visa application {Application No.} {UCI no.}. Having acquired an inquisitive bent of mind towards the field of during my recent professional exposure, I wish to continue my higher education in the same field. However, I am looking forward to having a global learning perspective in the business management domain as it will prepare me well to deal with international clients while giving me a holistic academic experience. With this intention in mind, I sought admission to Niagara College, Canada to pursue the program of International Business Management. The college viewed my application positively as a consequence of which I got a Letter of Acceptance from them. However, when I applied for a Study Visa for Canada, I, unfortunately, received a refusal letter due to a couple of reasons.

Below, I have tried my best to provide justification for every ground on which I have been given rejection. I have already gotten visa refusals thrice, therefore, I hope this time you will consider my application in a good light and provide me with my requisite Study Visa.

Refusal Ground 1 –

“The purpose of your visit to Canada is not consistent with a temporary stay given the details you have provided in your application.”


Familial ties

  1. I have a very deep connection with my family living in India whom I love the most and cannot live without.
  2. My family comprises my father who is a {Profession} and my mother who is a {Profession}.
  3. My parents have always been a great support throughout my growing up days. They have stuck by my side in every up and down that I have faced so far. They always motivate me to pursue my dreams and have immense faith that I will accomplish my goal one day.
  4. Being the only child of my parents, my parents have showered me with abundant love and opportunities and have always had my back no matter what. The way they have stood for me through thick and thin, I wish to be their pillar of strength when they get old. My father being {Age} and my mother {Age}, they are already on their way to becoming an elderly couple and at such a crucial time, I want to be there for them and provide them with all the assistance they need.
  5. My father is capable enough to manage himself and my mother financially without any help; however, being my parents, I want to contribute to their funds out of love while also giving them physical and emotional support.
  6. My parents are the key reason why I wish to get back to my native country, India, as it will help me stay close to them forever.

Professional ties

  1. I have been working in the {Company} of India for more than {Time} and have experienced excellent work culture. The opportunity to get a promotion after a specific time period, a hike in salary, and other perks that are offered in such prominent organizations in India want me to stay in India forever and contribute to the growth of the country.
  2. Canada is already a developed nation and is thriving with each passing day. However, India is still a developing country and requires more manpower to convert it into a developed nation in the near future. Hence, I would like to apply my skills to the organizations in India and play a small role in the progression of my country that helps it to shine on the world map.
  3. I also possess a long-term plan of opening my own business in India in the forthcoming years. In order for me to ensure that my business runs smoothly and gains as much profit as possible, I have to be in India and oversee my business’s undertakings closely.


My father is endorsing my whole education and accommodation in Canada as he is capable enough to do so. He has a total net worth of {Amount} wherein the immovable properties are worth {Amount}, current income is {Amount}, and bank balances & movable properties are worth of {Amount} The proof of net worth is attached to this application for your reference. In addition to that, I have also taken an educational loan of {Amount} which is sanctioned by {Bank}. I must state that I have already paid the total tuition fee amounting to along with the GIC amount of {Amount}.

Refusal Ground 2 –

“Your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of: your qualifications, previous studies, mark sheets, academic record, level of establishment, language abilities, and/or your future prospects and plans.”


My scholastic trajectory up until now has been very rewarding as it peppered me with fruitful knowledge. I completed my Matriculation from {School} with a {Percentage} after which I passed my Intermediate education at {School} with {Percentage}. Afterward, I decided to pursue a {Course} from {College} which I passed with {Percentage}. Other than this, I have also attained additional certifications in {Field} in {Year} and {Field} in {Year}.

With the objective of acquiring real-world exposure, I entered the professional setting of {Company} as an {Profile}, Initially, I worked for the client {Name} for a year after which I worked for the client {Name} for a complete year. During my work term at {Company}, I got honoured with {Name} Award and {Name} Award for my projects. Afterward, I shifted my professional base to where I have been working for a couple of months in the position of a {Profile}.


While working in the {Company} for over {Time} years, I have had the opportunity to get exposed to the business management field as well. This very domain has intrigued me a lot and kicked in me the zeal to get into the depths of the same. In particular, I am highly interested in learning exhaustively about the Human Resources area as it is where my heart lies. However, having just {Time} years of experience in the professional world, I am not qualified enough to get direct admission to the Human resources program. To study the same, I must have some kind of management knowledge under my belt. Therefore, I have decided to pursue International Business Management for my further studies. Studying the same will shower upon me the requisite knowledge and skills revolving around the management field that will enable me to get admission to the Human Resources program later on in the future.

Studying my chosen program at Niagara College will make me well-knowledgeable in core subjects of international commerce which will further facilitate me greatly in my Human Resources course in the years to come. The various courses that I will be acquainted with during my education period at Niagara are Business Principles, International Trade Finance, Concepts of International Trade, Leadership and Ethics, Market Entry and Distribution, International Market Research, Principles of Human Resource Management, Trade Aspects of International Geography I, Global Logistics Management, Applied Research in International Trade Management, Legal Issues of International Trade, and International Marketing Strategies. All these subjects will help me imbibe valuable knowledge that will allow me to analyse the effect of regulatory and statutory compliance on the integrative trade initiatives of a firm, devise and present a global business strategy, and a lot more.

Though after the completion of the study program, I will become competent enough to work as an International Banker, Foreign Trade Consultant/Specialist, Customs Broker, International Marketing and Sales Associate, Import/Export Manager, and Distribution or Logistics Administrator; however, as I am inclined towards diving into the ocean of human resources, I will continue my studies in the same back in India.


The Niagara region being the hub of business in Canada encompasses a few of the topmost business schools which include Niagara College and Toronto School of Management. Both of these institutes have joined hands to offer the most exclusive study program in Toronto. The partnership that these two academies have enables the Toronto School of Management to provide study programs and services of Niagara College at the Toronto campus. Studying here will expose me to first-class student services and education. Though I will study at the Toronto School of Management, I will get a credential from Niagara College post finishing my course of study.

Niagara College provides great learning opportunities to all of its students like providing them access to top employers for networking prospects and field placements. The campus is well-equipped with modern technology to provide up-to-date information to the students. At the institute, the hands-on learning atmosphere and erudite faculty members with years of experience in their field are everything that is required by me in order to excel in my respective program. Additional facilities include being surrounded by amazing restaurants, cafes, shopping places, and tourist spots. Moreover, the campus’s environment is energetic, safe, and accessible in every way which makes it the best place to study in.


Canada is in the third position when it comes to students choosing their desired study destination in the world. The reason being, the country possesses some of the best institutes under its belt that are recognized for offering an excellent quality of education to all students without any discrimination. The tuition and accommodation costs in Canada are also reasonable as compared to other equally prominent nations such as the UK, the USA, Australia, and many more. The kind of practical learning approach I will get in the Canadian institute, the same type of learning cannot be found in Indian institutes as in India, even though the education quality is good, there lacks practical approach to education. As I am interested in gaining as much field experience as possible, I am certain that I have made the best decision by choosing Canada for my higher studies. In addition to that, Canada is a culturally-diverse nation which shows that the ambiance of the country would be safe and relaxing. I am confident that I will get a comfortable learning environment in Canada and won’t have to worry about dealing with any type of cultural difference.


After I wind up my studies in Canada, I will return to my native land, India, and prepare for my further education in the Human Resources sector. As my studies in International Business Management would give me a basic understanding of the Human Resources domain, it will get easier for me to take admission into the same program. After completing my Human Resources course, I will move on to find a high-salaried job in one of the reputed IT firms in India as I have prior experience of working in the IT industry. Over the long haul, I reckon on commencing a venture of my own in India wherein I will put into practice all the skills and experience that I have incurred while studying International Business Management in Canada and later Human Resources in India. All things considered, I want to be a huge contributor to the upward mobility of the Indian economy in the near future.


I have an admirable grasp of the English language as I studied my previous educational programs in English only. To provide testimony of the same, I have enclosed here with my IELTS report in which I secured an overall band score of {Point} wherein I got {Point} bands in Listening, bands in Reading, {Point} bands in Writing, and {Point} bands in Speaking.


I, hereby, announce that I have complete knowledge of Canadian immigration laws and am strong-willed to abide by them up until I return to India. On a final note, I wholeheartedly request you to reconsider my visa application optimistically and provide me Canada Study Visa so that I can work towards making my dream of being a successful businesswoman come true.


After reading all the above points, one thing is clear. Writing a refusal SOP or letter of explanation is complicated but not impossible. It is advisable to first get a Letter of explanation sample for Canada from any professional SOP writing service provider. In fact, the best option is to hire professional writers because they draft the refusal SOP letters with higher approval chances.

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