Can I Get Student Visa for Canada After Refusal ?

Can I Get Student Visa for Canada After Refusal ?

Yes, you can get a student visa for Canada after refusal. However, the best way to approve your application is to draft a well-versed SOP. Data shows that the visa approval rate of Canada has declined in the past several years. The reason behind this fall is the poor applications written by the candidates.

A statement of purpose is widely considered the most vital document in the application process. However, you won’t stand a chance till you ace your SOP for Canada Visa. This article briefs you on your mistakes in your application and how you can improve them.

Reasons For Refusal

It is vital to know about the points you must be behind in your application. So let’s look at the most common mistakes the students make while applying for a study visa.

Inadequate Proof Of Financial Support

The panel is keen on knowing your finances. The reason behind this is the expenses of Canada. If you can’t prove that you can manage your finances in the country, you are a step closer to refusal.

Your Intention Of Leaving Canada

A study visa is a temporary visa; hence you won’t live in the country permanently. The committee members should see valid points on your return to your home country. However, options are available for different visas to study and stay permanently in Canada. Check this Sop sample for Canada Visa to get an idea about it.

Your Choice Of Program

The panel members analyze your entire educational background. If you are applying for a program not relevant to your background, you won’t get approval for a Canadian visa. Even if you are changing your stream or applying after a long gap, you must brief the committee about it.

Unclear Documents

You must review your documents while drafting a Sop for Canada study visa after refusal. The reason behind this is the importance of your papers. The committee closely monitors your travel history and identity documents. If you fail to provide convincing documents before the panel, you will fall short in your application.

Applying After Refusal

It can get confusing and irritating to draft the same SOP repeatedly. The mistakes can be undetectable and hard to correct. The perfect way to deal with it is to contact Sop Writing Services. An SOP writing company writes the SOP on your behalf. The experienced writers know what must be written in your application, making the admission process a cakewalk.

How We Can Help

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