What do Canadian visa officers check for student visa?

What do Canadian visa officers check for student visa?

Attaining education from Canada is a dream for many students. After receiving the letter of acceptance from the college, there are hordes of students who tend to move to the visa process. What are the things you need to consider before submitting your visa application and how should one draft his/her SOP for Canada Visa? Here are some important pointers which would answer all your queries, take a look at!

  • Do you have financial stability to support your education in Canada?

The first and foremost thing is financial adequacy. In order to write a visa SOP, you should show that you possess enough funds to cover your expenses in Canada. You must give proof that you are financially sound and have property and funds to have a trouble-free stay in Canada. The majority of the SOP Writing Services India makes sure that the financial part in your sop is highlighted. If you don’t want to risk your chances of getting into Canada, you must go for professional services.

  • Does your academic timeline align with the course that you are applying to?

The Visa officer will enquire about your past academic credentials and professional grid to know that your educational background is aligning with the chosen course. You should write your inspiration strongly to convince the visa officers. Whatever course you are applying to should be in line with the study that you have done in the past. Along with the motivation, you need to mention your future goals and how this course will help your career. These are some important aspects that you need to consider while writing a sop for Visa.

  • What are your family ties?

While applying for a Canadian visa, you must mention your family ties strong. In short, you just need to put up a point that you have a family back in your native country and you desire to be with them after completing the degree. Mentioning family ties means answering the questions like, What prompts you to return to Canada and why will you return to Canada apart from your career goals.

  • Where are you planning to stay post the degree program?

To get the Canadian Study Permit, you need to assure the committee that you would not stay in Canada even after admission. Sometimes students express their wish to settle in Canada in their application and this is why the committee tends to reject their application. The reviewer wants a strong clarification that students are not planning to set up their careers in Canada. Drafting an SOP for Canada Student Visa in a way that the committee gets assured that you would leave the country as soon as you got your degree.

  • Have you received the letter of acceptance from the college?

Visa officers also check whether you received the letter of acceptance from college or not. It is a must to have a letter of acceptance from the college before applying for a student visa. It is also a mere fact that the school that issues your letter of acceptance has to be a registered Canadian educational institution. If the visa officer finds out that the letter of acceptance is not genuine, they might refuse your visa application. This is why, you should also look into these aspects before applying for Canadian Study Visa.

Wrapping Up

So, these are some imperative facts that one should consider before submitting your visa application for evaluation. In the nutshell, these are the things that visa officers check for the student visa. To confirm your chances, must take professional help for writing SOP for Canada Study Visa.

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