How to Write a Statement of Purpose

Tips on How to Write a Statement of Purpose

The importance of an SOP (Statement of Purpose) during the admission procedure in a University is more than you could imagine. You might think of it as a mere piece of paper just like your other documents, but in reality, an SOP holds the power of taking you closer to your dreams. In short, an SOP is a key material which will help the University authorities to decide if you are worth studying in their University or not.

Due to such a high level of importance that SOP has for the procedure of admission, many aspirants hire best SOP writing services in order to provide the OSP examiners with a professional and attractive SOP.

In case, you look forward to pen your Statement of Purpose on your own, remember to keep the following tips in mind.

  1. State your qualifications

Mention all your qualifications and why you are eligible for the study program that you desire to have in the particular University. If you have done any kind of research work in the past, mention all of them. If you were also a part of any extra-curricular activity, do not forget to write about that as well. Other essential information that you feel can be of great value in your SOP, mention that too.

  1. Describe your interests

Explain in detail about your field of interest like how you have developed such interest, what all you have done by now to fulfil your interests, and how studying in this University will help your interests in any way. Also, do write about how you think your particular field of interest is going to be advantageous for this University.

  1. Show your worth

It is you who have to show your importance to the University’s authority and make them believe that you are certainly a worthy candidate for their Institution without any second thought. Provide the University with some of its references like the University’s professors who are renowned for their excellent teaching skills, University’s approach towards making every student well-skilled in their respective fields and many more things like that.

  1. Be clear and concise

While writing an SOP, you must pay attention to the word limit and other important stuff like font style, font size, text alignment, etc. in order to create such an SOP which is not just incredibly written but also looks incredibly appealing as well.

  1. Be conversational yet formal

Writing a Statement of Purpose in a story-telling format is a very good thing, however, one should not forget that you are writing for an official purpose which requires some sort of formal tone as well. Hence, write in such a way which holds the attention of the reader till the end but also seems professional enough to get easily approved by them.


So, either you write your own SOP by keeping the above tips in mind, or you can simply hire the services of professional SOP writers in Delhi. These experts will do their best to provide you with the finest and high-quality statement of Purpose that you are looking for.

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