Tips for writing Academic Letter of Recommendation

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Tips for writing Academic Letter of Recommendation

Academic Letter of Recommendation is one of the crucial documents that a University asks for from the candidate during the process of admission. This very requirement most of the time makes the students wonder whether they should take the help of one of the finest LOR writing services or let their professor write it on their own. Well! This should be decided by not just the student but the professor as well. If the professor agrees to seek the help of a LOR writer, then only one should hire the services of the best LOR writers in Delhi.

Are you among the ones who have been asked to provide their dream University’s admission committee with an Academic Letter of Recommendation? And, are you doubtful regarding what exactly the Recommendation Letter is and how it needs to be created in a way that helps in your admission to your desired University? If this is what you are pondering upon, then go through the following as it will give you an idea about the significance of a Recommendation Letter during your admission to an abroad University.

Structure of a Recommendation Letter

As it is a formal letter, the Recommendation Letter should not be written in a highly creative manner. Make sure that your recommender pays heed to the following.

  • Introduction – This is where the recommender must introduce themselves along with shedding light on their association with you, for how long they have known you, and what they think of your overall personality.
  • Content – Showcasing your scholastic qualifications, extracurricular activities, and other character traits, the recommender must argue why you are the best candidate to pursue a certain program at the respective University.
  • Conclusion – In the end, the recommender must write a strong concluding paragraph that gives strong backing to your candidacy while leaving a lasting impression of you on the admission committee’s mind.

Tips to write attractive Recommendation Letter

  1. Suggest your recommenders to state multiple accomplishments

If in case you have been asked to provide more than one Recommendation Letter, ask your various recommenders to write about a different set of achievements. For instance, one recommender can focus on mentioning your research abilities while the other recommender can put emphasis on your conduct within the classroom.

  1. Provide your recommenders with appropriate information

It is not necessary that your recommender will remember all the marks you secured during your exams, even if they know you well for years. Hence, you must provide your recommenders with basic requirements such as your Resume or Curriculum Vitae, along with all the details pertaining to extramural engagements and marks obtained in various examinations.

  1. Ensure there are examples to prove various statements

Instead of writing that you have a particular type of skill, your recommender must put some examples along with it which validates the statement. For instance, if they say that you have great leadership ability, then they must give an example of something where you led a team.

  1. Your gradual improvement should be clearly stated

If the recommender simply praises you, it will not be appealing enough to the admission authorities. They want to see what uniqueness your letter of recommendation encompasses which is why your recommender must show a gradual improvement in your performance. For instance, in the first semester, you were not very studious, but with the passage of time, you became committed to studies and scored excellently in examinations as well.

  1. The content should be exclusively personalized

Make certain that your recommender writes a letter of recommendation that is exclusively personalized which means it only describes your personal and educational attributes and does not represent any other student’s persona.


Now, you can either bear the above points in mind to get yourself a perfect recommendation letter or after discussing with your recommender, can simply hire the best LOR writing services in India who offer exceptional SOP writing services as well.

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