Unbox Statement of Purpose Writing

The Definitive Guide to Unbox Statement of Purpose Writing

At present time, it has become sort of a norm to provide Statement of Purpose for the admission in a top-rated University, be it national University or the international ones.

However, many aspirants have no idea what an SOP really is, why is it important and how should it be created. Some of them even hire a Statement of Purpose writing agency to help themselves but personally would not have any idea why they are required to create an SOP in the first place.

Hence, here is a guide to understanding the basic concept of Statement of Purpose so that you get an insight into the prominence of SOP during the admission procedure.

Introduction to SOP

SOP which is the acronym of Statement of Purpose is regarded as one of the most important documents which are required for the process of admission in Universities. Although, not all the Universities ask their candidates to provide them with an SOP, yet it is mostly required by the renowned Universities of India and all over the world.

In a Statement of Purpose, one needs to describe his/her academic performance, aspiration from the desired study program and future goals, etc. SOP basically helps the officials of the Universities to figure out your worthiness of studying in their respective University.

Writing SOP

  • Plan your SOP writing in advance. Think about all the stuff that are essential to mention in the SOP.
  • The introduction part should be strong enough to catch the attention of the reader in an instant.
  • State your purpose of choosing your desired study program and University. Also, how you think the University will help you achieve your goals.
  • If there is an incident in your personal life which has some connection with making your life better or evolving you as a better person, then do mention the same. However, make sure that the incident somehow linked to your education.
  • Your academic, internship or other activities’ performances.
  • Your future aspirations.
  • Remember to write the SOP in a story-telling manner which holds the attention of the readers through the end. However, do not forget the formal tone.
  • Be real and truthful. Do not mention a single lie.
  • Avoid unnecessary and too heavy vocabulary.
  • Avoid stating irrelevant information.
  • Proofread again and again until you are downright sure your SOP is error-free.

Length of SOP

The length of a Statement of Purpose differs from one University to the other. However, on average, an SOP should be of at least 500 to 1000 words. While asking for the SOP, some Universities also mention how they want your SOP to be written. For instance, your SOP could either be single or double spaced, 11 or 12 font sized, Cambria or Calibri Font Styled, Justified or not and so on. In addition, if your University has asked you to write a specific word limit of SOP, then you must end your SOP within the word limit, not too more or too less.


If you have doubt that you are not capable enough to write a professional SOP, then hire the SOP writing services in Delhi as they are professionals in creating a well-organized and eye-catching SOP.

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