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Some Do’s and Don’ts for Drafting the Winning Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose provides you with the opportunity to distinguish yourself from all other applicants with a similar academic qualification. It gives the admission committee a chance to evaluate the overall experience and knowledge you bring in your pursuit of professional degrees. Students who want to get SOP Writers for UK Visa make their way to a reliable solution to eliminate all sorts of hassle coming in their educational process.

Here, we have provided some basic dos and don’ts of drafting a statement of purpose, take a look at:

Dos of writing a statement of purpose

  • Use active voice and highlight everything from a positive angle and if your program restricts your content to one page, stick to it strictly.
  • The key thing in drafting an SOP requires focus and continuity. Have your essay proof-read and checked twice and even thrice before submission.
  • Prepare an outline of the elements which you want to include in the essay. Typical topics which will be included in the SOP are career goals, academic interest and objectives, research experience, special skills, motivation, and reason behind choosing the program.
  • Get an early start so you cannot let it stressed you.
  • Show that you have researched a lot about the university and done your homework nicely. Go the extra mile to show them your eminence and how motivated you are. Include the name of a faculty member and their interest areas of research.

Don’ts of writing statement of purpose

  • Firstly, don’t overlook the importance of the essay.
  • Don’t ever think that you can write in minimum time or underestimate the time factor.
  • Don’t list everything you have done so far, it can make your content flat.
  • Don’t try to buttering the admission officials by writing too much flattery words for the university.
  • Avoid including unnecessary details.
  • Don’t use the same copy for every other university you have applied.

Few words to conclude

Now, you have an idea what your SOP should contain and what should not. Draft the SOP that could make the difference between a normal career path and an outstanding one and in order to achieve the same; you can seek help from the SOP Writing Services India. It is suggested to make your statement of purpose a weapon in the admission process as nicely-written SOP has the power to impress admission officials. So, try to write attractive and mistake-free SOP.

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