Scholarship essay vs Statement of Purpose essay

Scholarship Essay vs Statement of Purpose

You are well aware of the fact that if the University wherein you are seeking admission for MBA Marketing has asked you to provide them with either a scholarship essay, Statement of Purpose or both, it means that these documents undoubtedly play an important part in your admission process.

In the quest of presenting the University with the best of these documents, you have the option of either contacting one of the best SOP writers for MBA Marketing or do it all by yourself. Well! No matter what option you choose for yourself, you must first understand the difference between the Scholarship Essay and Statement of Purpose.

So, without further discussion, let’s understand how the Statement of Purpose and Scholarship Essay are different from each other.

What is a Statement of Purpose?

A Statement of Purpose is such a document that is more vital than your educational certificates and Letter of Recommendation. SOP is an essay that comprises of all the primary details of your education, professional experience, significant co-curricular activities, and other basic information like why you have chosen this specific University, etc. The requirement for an SOP is not just limited to the international Universities, as the national or local Universities also sometimes, ask for the same.

When a Statement of Purpose is required?

You need to create a Statement of Purpose when you are applying for your desired University. It is considered as one of the preliminary application requirement. If you have made up your mind to seek admission at a particular University at a specific period of time, then collect all the essential information to prepare your SOP.

What is a Scholarship Essay?

A Scholarship Essay is more or less an aid application. It is quite personal as compared to the Statement of Purpose because you are requesting the University to invest money in you. And, in order to convince the University to do the same, you need to mention all the necessary information in your Scholarship Letter like family and financial background along with educational and professional experience.

The Scholarship Letter needs to lay emphasis on the complications or sufferings that are not letting you achieve your career goals, and the only way you can fulfill your dreams is with the help of the University. Through the Scholarship Letter, the University would be able to understand you profoundly, what background you come from and why you need the money.

When a Scholarship Essay is required?

The best time period to prepare a Scholarship Letter is when you have secured a seat at your favorite University. However, make certain to create a strong case for yourself in terms of finance so that the University easily agrees to provide you with financial assistance. The University would schedule a date for the submission of the Scholarship Letter, but the early you submit your essay, the more brownie points you get.


Now that you understand the difference between a Statement of Purpose and a Scholarship Letter, prepare the same wisely. You can do so either on your own or with the help of one of the best SOP writers in India.

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