Correct Structure of a Correct SOP

Know the Correct Structure of a Correct SOP

Statement of purpose, a prerequisite document for the students who possess the desire to embark upon the educational journey overseas. The informative document which entails the academic structure, professional timeline, professional growth, inspiration to take up the course, extramural engagement and how the course you to get the pinnacle of the success. It not only rewards students with a competitive edge to distinguish themselves in the jungle of competitors but also speak your worth in front of admission officers. Many students wonder as to how the mere 2 pages exemplify their competence and set them apart from the crowd as SOP is the most underrated document of candidates which often, gets noticed when their admission got rejected in the ground of well-written SOP.

If you have convinced enough to get yourself a quality statement of purpose, ask professionals to guide you! In order to do that, you can seek assistance from the best Statement of Purpose Writing Services in Delhi. Now, let’s take a look upon the correct format of drafting the statement of purpose:

  1. Start with a compelling introduction

In order to get a creative or well-written statement of purpose, you need to start your statement of purpose with a compelling introductory paragraph. You can start with a quote or some creative line to give a gist to the readers about your copy.

  1. Elaborate your educational aspect of life

This is the most important section of your statement of purpose, so you need to be very careful when adding about your educational life. The achievements, grades and the course, you are ought to mention everything in a precise manner.

  1. Explain your competence through the projects you have done in your alma mater

Add your project works to describe your skillset. So, what you have done in your project and the role you have acted in, need to be described well.

  1. Professional exposure

This paragraph generally highlights your experiences that you gained in the professional juncture of your life. Hence, you need to pen down the list of professional experiences in a precise manner.

  1. Special interest or skills

So, this paragraph is generally drafted for extramural activities and the skills you have learned from them. Thus, you need to draft a small paragraph explaining your achievements in extracurricular engagements throughout the journey.

  1. Why that particular country

The admission committee wants to know why you have chosen their country to acquire a higher degree program. As there are many countries providing the same course, you need to tell them why it is important to acquire education from the same country.

  1. Why you want to pursue the course

If you want to be called as an ideal entrant, you need to tell the admission committee that you are adept at taking challenges and hold the knowledge to take up that particular course.

  1. Sum up with explaining your contribution to the university

How the admission committee will know that you possess the intellectual ability to be part of their campus? Thus, you need to address those concerns and prove your mettle in front of them. So, draft some lines in the last paragraph and explain your contribution that you are eager to do as a student.


So, here is the correct format of statement of purpose. Make a note before drafting your copy. In case you need any professional help, reach out to the Professional SOP Writers in Mumbai.

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