How to write SOP for Canadian Student Visa after Refusal ?

How to write SOP for Canadian Student Visa after Refusal ?

There is no denying the fact that Canada encompasses some of the most reputed academic institutions in the world. This is the reason why hordes of students all across the globe aspire to study in Canada. Some clear the admission process in just one go and there are others who get a seat after a couple of tries. All students who face Visa refusal tend to get heartbroken but that is not the end of opportunity. One can always apply for another SOP for Canadian Student Visa after refusal.

For SOP for Canada Visa after refusal,  you will get to know all about writing an SOP by yourself. But first, let’s understand what SOP is and why it holds such importance.

SOP and its significance

Statement of Purpose, popularly known as SOP is an essay that is considered one of the crucial documents during the admission process. Being so crucial, SOP can greatly help a candidate to get a seat in their respective college. However, if an SOP is not up-to-the-mark, then it can lead to rejection and the candidate might not get enrolled in their chosen university. Moreover, when one has to create an SOP for Canada after refusal, they should be more careful while preparing their SOPs again. Hence, here are some tips that will help you extremely in writing your SOP for Canadian Visa after refusal.

Draft catchy introduction

An introduction of an SOP plays a momentous role during reviewing process as it is the first part a reviewer reads. If the reader is captivated by the first para itself, then chances are high of your SOP to get accepted. By seeing an introduction, the reviewer can judge the personality of the candidate and can picture their worthiness. Therefore, make it a must to create an eye-catching introduction that pulls the attention of the reader at once.

Write to-the-point

When one writes more than what is needed, the SOP reviewers tend to ignore reading such SOPs completely and reject the same. This is why you should focus on mentioning just the information that seems noteworthy. If your details have the capability to add value to your worthiness, then only your SOP will get approval. So, make sure to write in a concise and precise manner only.

Create impressive conclusion

The conclusion also requires to be written outstandingly as it is the last thing the reviewer reads. As the reader finishes reading an SOP, the concluding part should enchant them enough to give approval to the Visa Sop for Canada. So, think of it as a necessity to write an attractive conclusion so that you get a go-ahead from the reviewer.

Do proofread

Skipping the proofreading part after finishing the SOP writing process is a big no-no. By the means of proofreading, you lower the risk of mistakes in your SOP by a great extent. Read the SOP again and again until you don’t see any kind of mistakes is the best way to make your SOP good. Only after proofreading, you should proceed with the submission of your SOP. So, always remember to proofread after SOP writing and then submit the same.


Now that you know how to create an exceptional SOP for Canada Visa, pay heed to the same while drafting your own SOP. If you have uncertainties pertaining to your writing abilities, you can opt for professional SOP writers as well. Being highly skilled, these writers will ensure to provide you with excellent SOP that is selected at the first attempt.

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