How Can We Explain Our Backlogs In A Statement Of Purpose?

How Can We Explain Our Backlogs In A Statement Of Purpose

How Can We Explain Our Backlogs In A Statement Of Purpose?

Are you finding it difficult to explain your backlogs in your statement of purpose? If yes, then this blog is going to be a savior for you! A statement of purpose is supposed to be an honest explanation of your candidature that should highlight your skills, knowledge, and inclination towards the chosen course. Not only does SOP define your worth in front of the admission committee but it also gives you an edge among other applicants. While neatly written SOP can be your gateway to your dream destination, backlogs can cause hindrance to your admission process. So, how to combat such cases? The majority of the students seek assistance from one of the best SOP Writing Services to justify their backlogs. In case you are writing your statement of purpose by yourself and are searching for ways to explain your backlogs, then continue reading!

How are backlogs being counted in different countries?

One of the most asked questions is why backlogs are so important to write in the statement of purpose and what impact does it have on the statement of purpose. Well, it is entirely depending upon the country and the university you aspire to study in. While universities in Australia allow up to 18 backlogs in the first two years of bachelor, universities of the United Kingdom accept up to 30-40 backlogs. On the other hand, universities of Canada only accept up to 6 backlogs.

How to justify your backlogs in the statement of purpose?

If you have backlogs, you need to be honest with your intent and specific with your writing style. Generally, universities would look for the efforts that you put into clearing the backlogs. Thus, the key is to emphasize your hard work and resiliency. To write your backlog, you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd by defining your caliber and skills in the best possible manner. Let the university know that you have an optimistic attitude towards challenges and your initiative to surpass it. In order to draft a strong statement of purpose, one must connect to one of the best SOP writers in Delhi. Here are some important steps which you should not overlook:

  • If you don’t have an outstanding academic timeline, write down about your involvement in the extracurricular interest and skills learned from it.
  • No matter how many backlogs you have got, the only thing that matters is to put them into your statement of purpose accordingly.
  • Write as you have overcome the obstacles with your grit, and the challenges made you more focused in your life.
  • Apart from putting forth your enthusiasm towards extracurricular activities, you also need to put weightage on projects and research works. Your engrossment in project and research work not only cements your persona in front of the admission committee but will also steal the spotlight from your backlogs.
  • Always make sure to give a message to your reader that you have thirst for opportunities and also have the determination to contribute to the surrounding of the university you intend to study in.

In Conclusion

So, these are some important steps that you need to consider if you have backlogs. If you are on the lookout to seek professional help from the Best SOP writers in India, do reach out to the ideal service.

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