Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind while Writing a Statement of Purpose

Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind while Writing a Statement of Purpose

Are you living a dream of studying abroad? If so, then you need a well-written document for yourself, depicting our personality in the most attractive manner and keeps your point in front of the admission committee. It is quite possible that you are not aware of the miracles it can do your career prospect, in addition to confirming your seat in your chosen university. Although, seeking help from the best SOP writers in India can cut down half of the pressure you are carrying on your head regarding your admission to the university running in the foreign land. But if you are considering drafting SOP by yourself, then there are some dos and don’ts mentioned below which you need to take a look at:


  • When drafting the statement of purpose, make sure that to jot down all the information you need to add in your statement of purpose. Also, plan the paragraph you need to write in your copy.
  • Start your statement of purpose with a strong introduction as it is the vital element that builds a strong connection and engagement with the reader. A dull introduction can spoil the essence of your content.
  • Draft everything from a positive perceptive and write in an active voice. Trying not to frame the sentence in the passive voice as essays of the statement of purpose should not be written in the passive voice.
  • Check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and flow of your statement of purpose as you cannot afford to do such mistakes in your statement of purpose.
  • You must follow the instruction of the university and draft in the same manner. Also, exceeding the word limit can harm your statement of purpose.


  • Avoid using slang or long quotation.
  • Do not use the empty, vague or overly-used word like rewarding, challenging, etc.
  • Do not make excuses in your statement of purpose or made any unnecessary point that reflects your inability, or try to avoid giving an explanation for your gap years. If anything important like serious sickness or poverty which affected your grades, then go ahead but write it affirmatively, don’t write in a way that demonstrates your perseverance.
  • Don’t write it with an arrogant approach, instead of, make your statement of purpose sounds a confident depiction of your personality which demonstrates your aptitude and ability.
  • One of the most things which you should not miss out is proof-reading sessions. Thus, do not submit your statement of purpose without making it reviewed.

In Conclusion

A statement of purpose is indeed a well-constructed copy, possessing the power to make your aspirations come closer to reality. In order to confirm your seat in the admission abroad, you need to present a well-written essay, encompasses an academic or professional journey. If you still have confusion regarding the statement of purpose, do not hesitate to ask help from professionals. To do that, you can seek assistance from the Professional SOP Writers in Noida as professionals are blessed with the knack of writing and have the required knowledge of drafting a statement of purpose.

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