Detailed Explanation of Statement of Purpose

Is your preferred University is asking you to provide them with an MBA SOP for IT professional as a part of the admission procedure?If yes, then do not worry at all as there are many SOP writers available who are meant to help people like you who need to submit an SOP in order to get admission into their desired University.

However, if you are clueless about SOP and have keen interest in knowing about the same, then pay attention to the following.

What is an SOP?

SOP is short for Statement of Purpose which is asked by the University during the admission process in order to know a particular candidate in detail. The University authorities get to know about your motives and career choices and try to figure out if you are worthy enough to get admission into their respective Universities or not. That is why, while submitting an SOP, you need to write it in such a manner which convinces the University that you are worth their time.

Importance of an SOP

Believe it or not, but SOP is actually a highly-crucial document which holds a high importance in the admission process. It can either make your dream come true or take you far away from your reaching your goal.In short, SOP is –

  1. One of the most significant part of your MBA in IT application
  2. Provides the University officials more details about the candidate
  3. Helps the authorities of University to figure out whether the candidate is good enough for their University or not.

Format, Length & Style

  1. The length of an SOP should always be one to two pages. However, if the University for which you are applying has specific guidelines regarding word limit, then your total number of pages can vary.
  2. Unless notified, make sure to write your SOP using standard font size and style.

Topic to mention in SOP

  1. First of all, state your purpose of choosing your respective study program.
  2. Elaborate your interest in the course that you have chosen for yourself.
  3. Mention your research work if you have done it in the past and how it relates to your current course.
  4. Tell about the skills that you have acquired from past education.
  5. Describe your professional aspirations properly.


As the aforementioned was the in-depth explanation of what an SOP is and why it is important, hopefully, you have got all the information you were looking for. Now, choose the best SOP writers in India and provide your preferred University with an exceptional SOP.

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