Chances of getting Canada student visa after refusal 2022

Chances of getting Canada student visa after refusal 2022

Three out of every ten applicants face rejection while applying for a Canada student visa. Yes, this is what the statistics tell us. If you thought that getting a Canadian permit was a piece of cake, you lived in a dilemma. The intense competition has made the panel members stricter with the guidelines. 

Experts state that the primary deciding factor for this refusal is a statement of purpose. An SOP is an application drafted by the candidates presenting themselves in front of the committee. So if you’re looking for a Sop for Canada Study Visa, then you are at the right place.

You must be having many questions regarding a Canadian visa after facing rejection once. The following write-up clarifies all the doubts you are having right now.

Why Was My Application Refused?

There are many reasons which can result in a rejection of your student visa for Canada. Check some of the reasons below to avoid mistakes in the future whenever you’re writing a Sop for Canada Student visa after refusal.

Study Plan

Your study plan may not be clear or logical enough to impress the committee members. The application should contain all the details about your educational background.

Financial Instability

If you are not stable financially, you will face rejection straight away. First, you must convince the panel that you’ll manage your finances in the country. Don’t forget to mention this the next time you draft your application.

Having No Travel History

Applying for a Canada Visa without any travel history can be a red flag for you. The panel members are interested in knowing whether you have traveled in the past or not. So be careful to take care of this point before writing a Canada Sop after refusal.

Can I Appeal The Refusal

If you can’t get a study visa, there are several ways to attain it. First and foremost, you may appeal against the rejection in a judiciary. This process is known as Judicial review. The second option is to reapply for the visa. The authorities always state the reason for your refusal of a permit. Finally, the candidate may apply again after rectifying the errors he made in his previous application. Most of the candidates choose the latter option in such situations. 

Have a look at a Sop sample for Canada Visa curated by our writers.

How Can A SOP Writing Company Help?

Sometimes it can get frustrating applying for a visa again and again. There is a lot of probability that your next application will again face refusal because of some mistakes. It is necessary to get help from Sop Writing Services in such situations.

It can get tricky to look for an experienced SOP writing company to fulfill your dream. We, at SOP Help, possess some highly skilled writers who have written some mind-blowing SOPs. We have tons of students studying in their dream colleges abroad because of the perfect SOPs curated by us. So don’t delay your dream of studying at a Canadian university. Contact now to know more.

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