SoP Writing Tips in 2019

6 Winning SOP Writing Tips in 2019

Writing an MBA SOP for IT professional is in itself a highly challenging task which many regular students fail to do in a proper manner. Being one of the most important documents during the admission procedure in any reputed University in the world, an SOP should be created in such a manner which captivates the reader’s eyes in an instant.

If you have been asked to present an SOP to the University, then you can easily ask for the help of a professional SOP writer or you can choose to write the entire SOP on your own.

However, you must bear in mind that writing an SOP on your own is not as easy a task as it seems. Writing an SOP is way different than writing a normal application or a letter. SOP writing requires utmost attention and precision as it plays a major role in getting you selected in the admission process.

Therefore, if you wish to write your SOP on your own, pay attention to the given top 6 tips.

  1. Adhere to the University guidelines

First of all, you must check if the University for which you are writing the SOP has provided you with any SOP guidelines. If yes, then stick to those guidelines while creating your SOP. There is a reason that the University has given you the guidelines to ensure your entire SOP is written keeping all the guidelines in mind. However, if you are not given any such guidelines, then you can simply create the SOP in a general format.

  1. Make an introduction and conclusion strong

In an SOP, although the entire content should be well-written, however, you must pay utmost attention to the introduction and conclusion section of the SOP. As the reader obviously first takes a look at the topmost paragraph, you must make your SOP’s intro a highly captivating and appealing. Likewise, the conclusion of the SOP should also remain strong so that by the time the reader finishes reading your SOP, they create a positive opinion about your SOP and you as a whole.

  1. Focus on University and course

Put extra light on your chosen study program as well as the University. Mention your real purpose about choosing this specific study program and the University. How you think your chosen course or University will help you shape your career or how you think you will prove to be a great asset to the University if you are selected in the process of admission.

  1. Avoid irrelevant information

The University is not at all interested in learning about your childhood days. So, avoid writing about the same until and unless it has something to do with your decision of choosing your particular study program.

  1. Ask for feedback

Share your SOP with your close acquaintances and ask for their feedback. This will enable you to improve your SOP much more.

  1. Proofread thoroughly

You must not forget to proofread your SOP multiple times after you finish the writing part. This will help you find out mistakes that were not easy to detect before proofreading.


So, either keep the aforementioned tips in mind while writing SOP by yourself or simply contact the best SOP writers in India.

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